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Our poles are guaranteed to last longer. They are made with superior quality polymer, colourants and fabrication
techniques we believe you will not find a better quality plastic pole on the market with the appearance of a traditional wooden pole. That is why we are happy to give you a 3 year guarantee on all our poles.

The strength in our poles does not come from the wood inside but from the superior plastics and fusion technology used. This makes our poles virtually unbreakable. We are therefore able to offer all weights of pole from super heavy Affiliated Poles to hollow lightweight Practice Poles in different bands of colour as well as single colour.

We donít use plastic sleeves or paint to make our coloured bands Ė the plastic is formed in that colour so that it will always stay that colour and will not scratch away or come off. We use specially formulated polymer and colourant's which are all UV protected to the highest levels so the colours will not fade and the plastic will not degrade.

Please Note: The Competition, Affiliated & Super Heavy Poles may vary in weights as the wood is not 100% consistent.

Our poles come in 4 different weights and 4 different length, please see more information for the exact sizes and weights.

3mtr is the standard length so please be aware when you purchase the smaller length poles.
Strong, durable, vibrant and low maintenance

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Poles are available in 1.8 meters, 2 meters and 3 & 3.5 meters sizes.

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